Saturday, March 27, 2010


dear friends, blog readers, and followers,

I've been creating several designs for clothing (t-shirts and hoodies) in the past few weeks, some relating to art projects of mine (such as iconographs), some relating to teaching (such as critique), and some just for fun.

for this venture I am using a print-on-demand online service called redbubble. this company allows one to upload and sell their designs from their online store. each piece is printed upon order, and delivered within 10 business days (though I got my first samples in less than a week). they use the color palette and sizes from American Apparel, so the quality is good and the colors vivid.

t-shirts cost about US$25 each (order three or more and shipping is free); the profit margin at this point is minimum for me (about $3 per shirt), but if you'd like to support and promote this site, please consider purchasing one - link below (please note that there are many color choices for logo, even more so for fabrics, apparel choices, logo positioning, etc, as well as other designs to choose from).

when your t-shirt arrive, make a picture of yourself wearing it and I will post it on this blog.

I thank you for following this blog, reading and providing feedback =-)



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